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Medals & mindsets, grading & grassroots: an exclusive interview with Sophie Christiansen (part 1)

Sophie (centre) and her team Maybe there is some truth in the idea of speaking something into existence? When put on the spot about future interviewees for my blog in this webinar for RDAUK , I said I wanted to focus on the extraordinary everyday people and stories within the organisation (and have already made a start, with this interview with Winnie Wilkins of Avon RDA ). I also said that obviously I would love to interview some Paralympians if ever given the opportunity, and offered my default example of Sophie Christiansen . It’s easy to admire Paralympians for their talents, and this has been the case with Sophie since I was aware of para dressage in the first place, but I’m also a big fan of hers for three other reasons: she’s down to earth and realistic, openly sharing her struggles with funding, accessible transport, and everything in between; she’s a highly skilled woman in tech holding down a job in London (I’m big on good role models); and she also grew up at South Bucks RDA

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