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Ten ways to make our RDA participants feel welcome after lockdown

RDA restart? Two thumbs up! 1. From the heart It sounds obvious, but a heartfelt and straightforward "welcome back, I/we have missed you" is the starting point for what every RDA participant, or indeed volunteer, needs. It may be that a few things feel like picking up where you left off, but most participants will have feelings about returning after a long period of time which don't necessarily tally up with how they felt about RDA and its place in their old normal routine. Acknowledge the gap and the fact that their presence has been missed. My riders all take this sort of acknowledgement in different ways, but I think we're all glad that they know it. 2. Structure me up Whether it's their first ride in a year or a third crack at a Covid safe restart, a full explanation of how an RDA session is going to work ahead of time will make that first session back infinitely more welcoming. I know groups have been working hard on this, and it's just as important for v

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