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Why I'm missing my RDA riders during lockdown

Happier, busier times in 2019 (photo credit: Darren Woodlow) It's been a "missing things week" for me: friends, family, places, plans. I miss my RDA group's horses, of course, because I like horses and enjoy spending time with them (that would be a very  short blog post). I am also feeling the absence of my riders from my weekly routine, despite the fact that by now we are all well practised in missing RDA and all it entails. Why and what? I'll tell you... They are hilarious I don't think I've ever taught an RDA rider who hasn't made me laugh. There isn't a huge number of universal similarities between those who have participated in my sessions over the years, and I'm not really in the business of chasing such similarities when every rider is so different. This one, however, rings true for everyone, whether it's jokes saved up each week to tell me on Saturdays; an infectious chuckle at a bout of equine flatulence; or an opportune hat theft

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