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I'm a perfectionist coach: good or bad thing?

The order and tidiness of this photo, featuring a horse and rider halted at C from half way down our large, immaculately presented indoor school, seemed like a fitting image for this topic! I’m a perfectionist, get me out of here! It’s no bad thing to have high standards, and I don’t think I’m unusual, in RDA, in coaching, or in other groups or types I’ve been part of during my life, in having them. Perfectionism, or at least, wanting to get things right or do things better, has been a theme which has come out more than once in the RDA rants I’ve listened to (and participated in), and in the blogosphere, the interviews I’ve conducted: for Sophie Christiansen, it’s her biggest weakness – her words. In terms of coaching and volunteer management, I’ve been as busy, if not busier, as I’ve been since before Covid over the last few months. My group has come a long way since its initial restart in early summer 2020 (and the subsequent bumps in the road), and our collective resilience ha

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