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What does coaching mean to me? UK Coaching Week 2020

Today is the last day of UK Coaching Week. I hadn't come across this initiative before, but I really like its values and focus on encouraging committed, skilled coaching, and the importance of coaches across activities and disciplines in building the people they coach back up after lockdown. The values of their "Great Coaching Pledge" campaign inspired me to write this week's post about six things coaching at my RDA group means to me...
1. Belief
I saw a post from "A Coach's Diary" on Facebook a few weeks ago. It read, simply: "Every kid deserves someone who believes in them. Be that person." If I have learnt anything from almost nine year with my RDA group, it's that the riders who pass through its gates respond to few things better than honest, open, heartfelt belief. The same children who frown at me when I say, lightly "you will be a brilliant rider" are the same ones who grow up to throw themselves into every challenge their t…

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