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What's fair anyway?

I don't know what it is about people in the RDA community, but the overwhelming majority of those I meet seem to set a lot of store by fairness. We care about it in competitions on local, national, and international stages, in the games we play in regular sessions, in how our participants are treated away from our groups, in how opportunities are distributed. More recently, we have had to begin thinking about how we might be able to begin restarting sessions in the future, and the way that the "fairness" of any exit strategy might be perceived was quick to surface in the conversations I've had or overheard about that, too. The thing is, fairness is one of those concepts which seems to become harder to pin down the more it's discussed, and more important to seek out the more people and complex interactions are involved. What is fair, anyway?
In my recent interview with Clive Milkins, Clive made the shrewd observation that "we can't make something that'…

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