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Taking a breather

Hello, friends! This is a bit of a non-standard post this Sunday, because I'm taking a break from weekly blog posts. The general consensus for this lockdown has been that it's hard(er) going for everyone, and although I am as well as I possibly could be I have been finding that my usual inspiration and motivation have both been in short supply. There's no RDA happening, I'm not currently going to the stables (I miss it with my entire being), and the RDA community at large is feeling a bit done. It's far from optimal for writing, enjoying, or discussing, and I completely understand that (it's definitely how I'm feeling!). I will most likely return to regular blogs when I'm able to get back to RDA (and dust off my blogging mojo). I've written a blog every week bar maybe one or two for the past 18 months and am loath to give up a good habit, but I also want to enjoy writing whatever I write and to make it interesting and exciting for all of you who cho

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