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Confessions of a volunteer RDA coach

Bob says "I know all your secrets" I grew up reading the "Confession Time" pages in Pony Magazine: tales, mainly, of falling off in unfortunate places or being embarrassed in the presence of the coolest girls on the yard. I probably did enough cringe-worthy things as a teenager spending at least half of every weekend at the riding school to fill my own double page spread. One thing I've never seen before? Embarrassing RDA confessions: a niche to which, for better or worse, I can contribute plenty. So, to keep you warm on what I hope will be many of our last weekends before going back to RDA (again), here are some of my RDA confessions... I am a bungling box breaker At Regionals in 2013, our yard manager had carefully and lovingly filled several (supposedly) heavy duty plastic storage boxes with the many thousands of items of tack, tack cleaning paraphernalia, and other items needed to transport almost all of our horses for a clean, tidy, and safe day out (at thi

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