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Ten things your RDA group wants you to know as lockdown eases

For some RDA groups (but not all, or even most), the wheels are beginning to turn again: we are starting, literally, to get back on the horse. The next few months are going to test us in many ways, not least because each group has to find its own way of adapting, staying safe and viable, as opposed to moving en masse to close as we did in mid-March. They will be testing for those waiting for the thumbs up to head back down to the stables, too, and it's never been more important to keep conversations open. Here are ten things your RDA group might want you to know during this weird time of not-quite-locked-down, not-quite-unlocked.
1. We've missed you
We've missed our horses, our routines, special events, fresh air, fitness... but most importantly we have missed our participants. What we do, whether before, during, or after lockdown, is and was for you. We've loved getting to know you as you've learned with us and felt privileged that you have made us part of your stor…

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