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Ten great things I've gained from being a young RDA coach

10/10 would recommend... Photo credit: Darren Woodlow Since the launch of the RDA Young & New Coaches group  (how exciting to see it gather just shy of 50 members already!), and despite the fact that it needs plenty more time to gain momentum and start making a meaningful difference, I've been thinking even more than usual about what it means to be a young(er) RDA coach. Coaching week might have been and gone, but attracting new coaches to support the present and future of RDA is a year-round priority which is never going to go away.  I talk so much about my experiences specifically as a young coach because it's a group, even roughly defined, which is underrepresented within the organisation. Some of the things I've listed in this week's post definitely apply to coaches of other and all age groups too, but it does no harm to put them all together for the benefit of any potential or prospective young coaches who might wander this way - if you know any, or agree with

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