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Why being an RDA coach taught me more about sport than my PE lessons

Laura and Marshall at Regionals 2022 (photo credit: Spidge Photography). More about this particular story here ...) Everyone's talking about sport: the Commonwealth Games are keeping the party going in Birmingham, and even I have happily succumbed to the latest pandemic of Football Fever.  Please don't panic! I've no intention of becoming a footie blogger (although how delighted I was to find that one of my new favourite Lionesses is a horsey girl too). What's been making me think more broadly over the last couple of weeks is the way sport at school has been discussed and remembered: girls not being able to play football in PE lessons is one part of a narrative of decades of uneasy relationships with sport, often because of the way we are (or aren't) able to access it at school. I was a classically unsporty teenager. I worked hard and did well in most of my other lessons, but "India is punctual and usually remembers her kit (no other comment)" is the scho

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