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Futures, fulfilment and frustrations: what are young RDA coaches thinking about?

I was really pleased to be offered the opportunity to speak on a panel of young coaches as part of RDAUK's coaching conference: this year hosted as evening webinars spread out across an entire month. (There are another two yet to run on Tuesday 23rd and 30th November, so if you're reading this before those dates you can still sign up to watch live or receive recordings here .) Increasing the representation and visibility of young(er) coaches within RDA has long been a big personal interest of mine, so the platform, as well as the opportunity to scheme and vent with those sharing it with me (Megan from Pegasus RDA , Kyle from the Elisabeth Curtis Centre , and Lizzie, from many groups but most commonly known as The Para Vaulter ), was much appreciated. I wanted to use this week's blog to commit a few thoughts to writing and give those who weren't able to attend an idea of what we talked about.  Webinar panel in progress Firstly, the chat box for this session isn't the

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