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8 things I've changed my mind about since becoming an RDA coach

It's taken me longer than I would care to admit to come round to the notion that although it's great to know what you believe and commit to ideas, it's also completely fine to change your mind every now and again. Now I've got the benefit of a few years' hindsight in my RDA coaching career, I have realised that there are a fair few important things that I have changed my mind about since I was a 19-year-old trainee coach who was completely convinced she was about to change the world. Some changes are u-turns, some a more nuanced version of the thought that came before; all represent the things I have learned so far, and hopefully set the scene for what I hope to continue to learn en route.
1. Giving every single rider the goal of riding off the lead rein

I think that it's easy enough for anyone who has spent any time at any yard without provision for disabled riders to start off thinking this way. Learning to ride is about learning to do it yourself, no? It'…

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