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January blues? Five reasons to keep going with RDA

Photo shows two horses at a distance approaching the camera in a field. The sun is setting on the right hand side of the picture. January is rubbish. Of all the social circles I am or have been part of, equestrians are the people who embrace this truth most honestly: there's a direct correlation between that and the level of exposure to mud which comes as a compulsory part of caring for field-dwelling swamp monsters. ( Horses. Sorry.) Despite this being the least wonderful time of the year, there's still plenty to be said for the opportunities it brings for goal setting, reflection, habit building and the like. That's why I stand by previous posts about RDA volunteering being a perfect New Year's resolution, and strongly believe that it can be just what the doctor ordered for people looking for something new or returning to a much loved routine. That said, for those of us who run sessions at this time of year, or support our groups with horse care (which never stops,

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